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The Change Ch.12 Super Stars
Jack and Kerra didn’t know what to say. So there was a moment of an awkward silence. Kerra looked up to Optimus, “Optimus....what’s a paladin of light?”
“Yeah...I have no idea what’s going on here.” said Jack.
“The Paladins of Light,” said Eichi, “are protecters of the good. To protect the weak and the innocent, to help the weak become strong and keep the powers of Light and Darkness in balance. There are a total of 8 Paladins, and for eons we’ve waited for the 9th Paladin to come forth. And I believe you’re the new paladin.” he said.
Kerra only stood there, flustered. “Wh-What? No, you must got the wrong girl. How am I really a paladin of light? There’s got to be a mistake.”
Eichi studied her face. ‘Is it possible she isn’t the final paladin?’ he thought. “Well we’ll just have to wait and see. After all, we could all be wrong but the Muzbels are planning
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Cadence's dad by whiteirislady Cadence's dad :iconwhiteirislady:whiteirislady 2 0 Meet Cadence by whiteirislady Meet Cadence :iconwhiteirislady:whiteirislady 4 1 Giselle by whiteirislady Giselle :iconwhiteirislady:whiteirislady 1 0 Still Keeping the Promise. by whiteirislady Still Keeping the Promise. :iconwhiteirislady:whiteirislady 3 3
The Change 11
                 Optimus and Larsis pointed their swords at each other, getting ready to fight.
                 Kerra only stood there. What’s going on? Who’s Larsis and how does he know Optimus? Kerra hated fights, even if they are necessary. Like all fights, people can get hurt, and she couldn’t bear if Optimus gets hurt.
                 Before the duel started Larsis gazed over at Kerra, then he gave Optimus a smirk, “I think we should save this fight for some other time Pax. There’s a bigger problem you should worry about.” Like lighting he moved away from Optimus and was  few inches in front of Kerra. (And he’s back to human size BTW)
                 Kerra jumped back terrified.
                 “You know
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The Unexpected Adventure Prologue
       My name is Umoiri. Daughter of Deonvan Ohtar of Gondor and Elendawen of Gondor. I was born and raised in Bree. It was just me and my dad before he was murdered.....
I have a dream ever since I was a little girl. I wanted to be a knight of Gondor, just like my father.
I always thought being a knight is amazing. You get to go to adventures, fight evil and rescue damsels in distress. Whatever a “damsel” means.
But the very last thing that comes to mind is love and marriage. It’s boring! Staying inside of the house, cleaning and cooking all day long. That’s not the life I want. That’s too tamed for me.
All I want is to be free, have adventure and fun. Until some unexpected things began to occur.....
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Grace of a Princess by whiteirislady Grace of a Princess :iconwhiteirislady:whiteirislady 7 3
The Change 10
It was a good day. But Kerra wanted to get home and take a shower and change clothes, since she didn’t get to when they got home yesterday. And she want to get her ballet bag so she could practice at the Base’s S.A.F.E.
“I really agree with you,” said Jack, “but we’ll have to get back at base afterwards.”
Kerra nodded in agreement, “Yeah! I reek like a spoiled tunafish sandwich that’s been sitting in a kitchen for who-knows how long.”
Jack and Arcee chuckled.
After they’ve arrived back home Kerra went to the shower and changed into her school uniform. Her uniform was a white blouse that had her old school’s insignia located at her heart. She wore a red tie and a tanned colored pleated skirt.
Before Jack and Kerra got out, 
“Oh Kerra!” said Jack, “Before you had that ‘dream-attack’ you’ve got some mail.”
Kerra blinked, “Really from whom?”
Jack shrugged,
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The Change 9: Relief and a Dream
     “No way....!” Arcee’s voice broke a bit. “She could be a huge target for the Decepticons if they found out. But why her? She’s just a child!”
     Optimus place his hand on Arcee’s shoulder, “Arcee, I know you have a deep affection for Sakerra. We all do. But we must do our best to learn more about her and hopefully do our best to train her into the warrior she is meant to be.”
      Arcee crossed her arms and thought for a moment, “Before Kerra fainted, we talked for a bit and she seem sad. She told me she was scared to see Jack and her mom.”
      There was a moment of silence, “What?” Ratchet sounded stunned and surprised, “Why? That doesn’t sound like Sakerra.”
      “She told me that she’s beyond different from kids her age. She said she knows that because they wouldn’t play with her. But m
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I Wish I Were Little Again
                               Why do we say that,
                                   "I wish I were little again?"
                                   Was it to get away from from boredom and some chants?
                                   Or is it because we want more freedom than we do today?
                                   Oh, having fun all the time and less work!
                                   Wouldn't it be fun to have all of that gone away?
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Beautiful Music by whiteirislady Beautiful Music :iconwhiteirislady:whiteirislady 1 0
The Change 8: What's Going On?
       "You mean to tell me that the human girl escaped?!?!" screamed Starscream.
      "Forgive us, Commander Starscream you see the somehow--" Knockout trying to explain.
      "Must I remind you, AGAIN!?!! I'm sure that it's that same girl years ago!"
       Knockout and Breakdown both showed sheepish expressions "Um... actually we don't." Knockout chuckled nervously.
       Starscream groaned, "Why am I surrounded by cones?" he murmured,
"Listen to this:" he said, "This may be that same human girl, that has many wonders years ago."
      "You still lost us, there, LORD Starscream." explained Breakdown.
      "Do you remember when we took the Autobots' little girl?"
       Breakdown's and Knockout's optics widen,
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The Change Chapter 7: Try-Out Day
          "Hey Jack," said Kerra as they're about to leave, "Today's the day I need to be at the cheerleading try-outs. So, is it ok you guys could drop me off at the school, please?"
         Jack thought for a moment, "I still think you can go, but your safety is in question though. What do you think Arcee?"
Arcee didn't hesitate to answer, "Sure Kerra. Of course, one of us will have to pick you up afterwards. Agreed?"
"Yes ma'am! We got a deal, you're the greatest Arcee!" Kerra went to hug the motorcycle. "Thanks, Arcee. :D"
Arcee chuckled, "Sure thing. How's your arm?"
Kerra blinked and looked at her right-arm. The marks are gone. "Well for some reason, the marks are gone. But overall I'm fine."
Arcee sighed of relief, "Ok, let's start the day."
Sierra's in front of the school's entrance, she looking worried. But after she saw Sakerra coming, she sighed of relief. "Hi, Sakerra!" s
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The Change Chapter 6: Trapped, Rescued, Now What?
        Everyone back in base is worried about Kerra.
      "How could I let that happen?!" said Arcee. "I should've left her here!"
Bumblebee walked up to Arcee, "Arcee, it's not your fault. You know she's the kind of girl that just comes to those who needed help unexpectedly. But I really don't know how she does it...." he nervously chuckled.
       "But Bee, what I don't understand is that, how did she find me? I was like really far away and in a cave. That's not even possible,even for Ratchet's audio-receptors."
       No one knows what to do. Jack is really, I mean really, nervous.
Jack is worried if the 'Cons would hurt her again, or worse. "I hope Kerra's alright..." he sighed under his breath.
        Sakerra isn't sure what to do. 'Kerra, what have you gotten yourself into?' she thought. She took a deep breath, 'Alright, just stay calm. Think, what can you do? You have your bow and arrow, pocketknife, your new cellphone--Wait! That's it! Call Base- no... I don't
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The Change Chapter 5: New Member of Team Prime
         Ratchet walked over to her, "So that's cheerleading moves?"
             "Yes and no, I was just warming up. That was some martial arts. Combination of Bog-Wong, Tai chi, Hong gar and Shoulein. Also some dancing. Nothing big."
     "But how did you learn that?"
     "From Granny. You see she was raised in Asian culture and was taught the martial arts and became a master. She was going to teach me one last thing that will make me a master, but she died in a car accident. It's upsetting but, I'll work hard and find out what she's going to teach me."
      "Hm... I'm sorry. I was just wondering what you're doing." He then just went back to his work. And must wait for the Autobots to be back at base, to tell Optimus.
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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I like to write and draw. And I play the piano and violin.
    Hey everyone.
Ok, my fan fiction on TFP.....I'm quitting.
I'm pretty sure a lot of you are upset, shock and some other emotions. I'm sorry to bring this news to you.
Reason why I'm doing this is because I need to not spend so much time on the computer and I have some real stuff to Yeah, I know it's summer and all but I have school taking a CNA class. Again I'm sorry to bring in the rain.
    The TFP fanfic is not making sense with the whole story and there're different fanfics I want to do.


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